We are Lia and Lydia, the founders of MYRKA studios. Besides our longtime friendship we are connected through our beliefs of an ethically correct fashion market and the same idea of beautiful design. Driven by the passion for minimalistic and timeless clothing and a will to make this world a little better every day, we founded the sustainable fashion label MYRKA studios in Berlin in 2016.



Sustainable, fair and transparent in every aspect — this is the philosophy of MYRKA studios. We connect all aspects of sustainability, from local and fair production to the work with sustainable, innovative and vegan garments and the full transparency of our production chain. We produce locally and in close co-operation with the tailors. Every piece is handmade in Germany. You will always know where the garments you are wearing came from and who made them in the first place.

Since 2018 we're incoroporating a closed loop system in our collections, so that the garments can be lead back into the circuit and no ressources go to waste. You can find more information on our closed loop concept on our Circularity page.



Our designs are modern and timeless, our clothes are minimalistic with special details. The products give both, women and men, a fair and high-quality alternative to fast fashion. Our products were developed with great care and a love for details. It’s very important for us that you feel comfortable wearing our clothes, so the patterns are developed for a perfect fit and every piece is produced using the finest, softest materials. We want to make people see that you can get more out of a few, carefully selected pieces than out of a closet full of characterless fast fashion pieces.
Consuming less but more consciously – this is the philosophy of our design.