Closed Loop Concept










Less than 1% of all produced clothes are lead back into the textile cycle. In Germany alone that represents approximately 1.5 million tons of textile waste per year. We want to set an end to this by creating a closed loop system for our collections, so that no ressources go to waste.


Circular Design


We create clothes which are either completely cellulose based or entirely made of recycled polyester. Also the yarn and labels have to live up to those requirements, so we can guarantee that the garment can be lead back into the textile cycle.




After wearing and loving your garment for many years you can simply return it to us. By scanning the sewed in QR code you will get all the informations you need. For every return you’ll also get 10% of your next order for our online store.


Second Hand


Depending on your garment’s condition we will take care of finding a new owner for it as a second hand option so we as a community can give it a longer life. This step will be repeated as long as the garment is still in a good condition before we will proceed to the next step.




If your garment is broken or heavily used we send it directly to our recycler. He already tested each material before we even started our production and will now make new fibres out of your garment.


New Fabric

The reborn fibres can be turned into a new and high quality fabric for our next collection – so your jacket might become a pair of trousers next.

Our first circular product – Jacket ALLISON




The plush jacket originated from a collaboration between MYRKA studios and and can be lead back into the closed circuit without losing any resources. The main material was a remnant textile and is made of 100% polyester. The silky lining, yarn and labels are made of recycled polyester from PET bottles.

The materials go perfectly with the closed loop principle – since they are all made of polyester – and can easily be lead back into the closed circuit. Furthermore we decided to donate 10€ for each sold jacket to an organisation called «Clean Clothes Campaign Germany», which pleads for better working conditions along the production chain – so that in the future fair productions wont be the exception, but the norm.

Beautiful illustrations by Nadine Migesel.