Mechanical Recycling

       Less than 1% of all produced clothes are lead back into the textile cycle. In Germany alone that represents approximately 1.5 million tons of textile waste per year. We want to set an end to this. With our mechanical recycling system we can save resources and take on the fight against pollution caused by the fast fashion industry.

Circular Design


We create clothes which are either completely cellulose based or entirely made of recycled polyester. Also the yarn and labels have to live up to those requirements, so we can guarantee that the garment can be lead back into the textile cycle.




After wearing and loving your garment for many years you can simply return it to us. By scanning the sewed in QR code you will get all the informations you need. For every return you’ll also get 10% of your next order for our online store.


Second Hand


Depending on your garment’s condition we will take care of finding a new owner for it as a second hand option so we as a community can give it a longer life. This step will be repeated as long as the garment is still in a good condition before we will proceed to the next step.




If your garment is broken or heavily used we send it directly to our recycler. He will make new fibres out of your garment and add some fresh fibres of a sustainable material.


New Fabric

The reborn fibres can be turned into a new and high quality fabric for our next collection – so your jacket might become a pair of trousers next.

Our first collection designed to circulate – the B collection




In July 2018 we launched our first collection that is completely designed to circulate, meaning that all garments can be lead back into the textile cycle without losing any resources. In this collection we worked with both organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Beautiful illustrations by Nadine Migesel.